How to find a perfect wedding venue?

Engaging and wedding are some of the most important moments in your life, and soon after engagement a couple get the unavoidable questions about wedding: have you decided about the date, have you found a venue, have you found a wedding dress, have you found wedding rings, etc. It takes a lot of time and nerves to decide about all of these elements, but one of the biggest problems is picking between venues.

Of course, before you start looking for a venue, you should think about your budget. You need to know in advance how much can you pay, because you don`t want to opt for an expensive venue, only to realize later that you won`t have enough to cover other expenses. Therefore, you will need to spend some time for the initial search, which is the most stressful part of deciding between wedding venues, because sometimes venues and their websites look a bit different.

110303_1_800Choosing between wedding venues is a lot more than just liking a space. There are many questions you need to think about before visiting a certain venue, so you can have a rough draft that will help you make an easier decision.

• Which days will be available in the month you`re considering?

• What number of people can a certain venue accommodate?

• Rental fee and everything included it the price is the most important question. Also ask about discounts for off-season dates. You have the right to ask for a proposal with all the prices and policies, so you`ll have even better idea of the cost.

• What`s the size of the deposit and what`s the payment plan?

• You will also have to ask about an additional charge in case you want to hold ceremony in that venue. And just for the sake of caution, ask for the closest ceremony site.

• What`s the minimum and maximum rental time and are there any additional charges if you overstay?

• Ask about the decorations. You need to know if you can remove theirs and ask for what can they offer to you to suit your needs.

• When it comes to menu selection, you will have to taste the food first, but make sure to find out whether they charge such a service or not.

• Ask about bringing food or drinks from outside. Whether they are yours or someone else is making it for you, the venue you like might not allow that or may ask for some fee.

• What about hiring your own vendors?

• Ask about discounts for booking several rooms. But if they don`t offer that kind of service, ask about the nearest hotel.

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